Accepted Submissions for Student Research Competition

Undergraduate Level

Using a Telepresence Robot to Improve Self-Efficacy of People with Developmental Disabilities
Natalie Friedman, Alex Cabral
GeniAuti: Tracking Challenging Behaviors of Children with Autism for Data-Driven Interventions
Kiwon Choi, Dongho Jang, Dasol Lee, Seoyoung Park
MAMAS: Mealtime Assistant to Improve Eating Behavior of Children Using Magnetometer and Speech Recognition
Sungmook Leem, Eun Jee Sung, Sungjin Lee, Ilyoung Jin
Designing A Context Aware AAC Solution
Conor McKillop
Exploring an Ambiguous Technique for Eyes-Free Mobile Text Entry
Dylan Gaines

Graduate Level

Exploring the Performance of Facial Expression Recognition Technologies on Deaf Adults and Their Children
Irene Rogan Shaffer
Potmote: A TV Remote Control for Older Adults
Siddharth Mehrotra
Gaze Typing using Multi-key Selection Mechanism
Tanya Bafna