Accepted Submissions for Student Research Competition

Undergraduate Level

Using a Telepresence Robot to Improve Self-Efficacy of People with Developmental Disabilities
Natalie Friedman, Alex Cabral — First Place
GeniAuti: Tracking Challenging Behaviors of Children with Autism for Data-Driven Interventions
Kiwon Choi, Dongho Jang, Dasol Lee, Seoyoung Park
MAMAS: Mealtime Assistant to Improve Eating Behavior of Children Using Magnetometer and Speech Recognition
Sungmook Leem, Eun Jee Sung, Sungjin Lee, Ilyoung Jin
Designing A Context Aware AAC Solution
Conor McKillop — Second Place
Exploring an Ambiguous Technique for Eyes-Free Mobile Text Entry
Dylan Gaines — Third Place

Dylan Gaines, Conor McKillop, Natalie Friedman, Alex Cabral wearing their SRC medals, alongside Hernisa Kacorri

From left to right: Dylan Gaines, Conor McKillop, Natalie Friedman, Alex Cabral, and Hernisa Kacorri.

Graduate Level

Exploring the Performance of Facial Expression Recognition Technologies on Deaf Adults and Their Children
Irene Rogan Shaffer — Second Place
Potmote: A TV Remote Control for Older Adults
Siddharth Mehrotra — Third Place
Gaze Typing using Multi-key Selection Mechanism
Tanya Bafna — First Place

Hernisa Kacorri holding the first place medal where Tanya Bafna would have been standing had she been present, alongside Irene Rogan Shaffer, and Siddarth Mehrotra wearing their SRC medals.

From left to right: Hernisa Kacorri, Irene Rogan Shaffer, and Siddarth Mehrotra.