The value of accessible and assistive technology is measured ultimately by the experience of people who use it. ASSETS 2018 invites papers that reflect these experiences first-hand. These papers will be reflective in nature and give authors an opportunity to consider how their experiences of using technology can inform both practice and research. Experience reports must be authored or co-authored by one or more persons who use the technology. Authors may be from the user population discussed in the report or they may be a rehabilitation professional (not involved in the design and development of technology) who is involved in identifying, training and providing ongoing support of technology with clients in the target user population. This latter type of author is meant to provide the opportunity to represent multiple users who themselves may not want to write an experience report.

The technology and the focus of the report should be described citing appropriate references. The report should describe the authors’ or clients’ experience with the technology, positive or negative (and may describe the experience of other users, as well). There should be a critical reflection in which aspects of the experience are discussed in relation to relevant literature and practice. Due to the practical nature of the reports, authors are encouraged to reflect on how their experience can inform future research (e.g. identifying a research challenge) or practice (e.g. demonstrating changes in policy). The technology involved may be in any state of completion that allows meaningful use, from a research prototype to a commercial product.

Submission Guidelines

Experience Reports proposals should be submitted using one of the templates that can be found in the Submission Templates page.

New for 2018, references do not count toward page limits.

Experience Reports proposals are limited in length to 4 pages. At least one author is expected to present their work and share their first-hand experience with the ASSETS community. Accepted experience reports will be published in the conference proceedings. Your PDF file must be accessible. Please refer to the instructions on Creating an Accessible ACM Conference Paper for information on how to accomplish this. If you cannot create an accessible PDF at submission time then you will be given the option to upload either an accessible HTML or Microsoft Word version of your paper in addition to your PDF to facilitate review. If your paper is accepted, the final version will need to be transformed into an accessible PDF document.

All submissions will be peer-reviewed by an international panel, per the ASSETS policy on Program Committees. Writing Guidelines are available to help authors choose appropriate language for writing about technology and people with disabilities. Finally, please refer to the ACM policy on plagiarism for guidance.

Submissions should be submitted by the deadline (Monday, June 18, 2018, 5 p.m. PDT). It is important to note that these are NOT double blind submissions; the authors' names should be on the paper. You should also explain, for the benefit of the reviewers, how the authors comply with the requirement that at least one author is a user of the technology or represents people who use it.

Important Dates

How to submit

Please submit your papers via the Experience Reports submission site.

Further Information

For further information or any questions regarding the event or submissions, please contact the Experience Reports Chair - Annalu Waller at er-assets18@acm.org.