Organizing Committee

General Chair

Picture of Faustina Hwang

Faustina Hwang, University of Reading, UK

Program Chairs

Picture of Joanna McGrenere

Joanna McGrenere, University of British Columbia, Canada

Picture of David Flatla

David Flatla, University of Guelph, Canada

Proceedings Chair

Picture of Kristen Shinohara

Kristen Shinohara, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

TACCESS Special Issue Chair

Picture of Karyn Moffatt.

Karyn Moffatt, McGill University, Canada

Best Papers Committee Chair

Picture of Simon Harper

Simon Harper, The University of Manchester, UK

Treasurer and Registration Chair

Picture of Anke Brock

Anke Brock, ENAC Toulouse, France

Posters and Demonstrations Chairs

Picture of Tiago Guerreiro

Tiago Guerreiro, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Picture of Graham Wilson

Graham Wilson, University of Glasgow, UK

Picture of Tim Neate

Tim Neate, City, University of London, UK

Doctoral Consortium Chairs

Picture of Shiri Azenkot

Shiri Azenkot, Cornell Tech, USA

Picture of Keith Vertanen

Keith Vertanen, Michigan Tech, USA

Experience Reports Chair

Picture of Annalu Waller

Annalu Waller, University of Dundee, UK

User Experience Panel Chairs

Picture of Dónal Fitzpatrick

Dónal Fitzpatrick, Dublin City University, Ireland

Picture of Emma Murphy

Emma Murphy, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Student Research Competition Chairs

Picture of Hernisa Kacorri

Hernisa Kacorri, University of Maryland College Park, USA

Picture of Kotaro Hara

Kotaro Hara, Singapore Management University, Singapore

Mentoring Chair

Picture of Clayton Lewis

Clayton Lewis, University of Colorado Boulder, USA

Publicity Chair

Picture of Abi Roper

Abi Roper, City, University of London, UK

Web Chair

Picture of Lourdes Morales

Lourdes M. Morales-Villaverde, UC Santa Cruz, USA

Graphic Design Chairs

Picture of Jeanne-Louise Moys

Jeanne-Louise Moys, University of Reading, UK

Picture of Charles Parish

Charles Parish, University of Reading, UK

Picture of Emma Chard

Emma Chard, University of Reading, UK

Picture of Jess Downie

Jess Downie, University of Reading, UK

Sponsorship Chair

Picture of Yeliz Yesilada

Yeliz Yesilada, Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus

Accessibility Chair

Picture of Kyle Montague

Kyle Montague, OpenLab, Newcastle University, UK

Picture of Raja Kushalnagar

Raja Kushalnagar, Gallaudet University, USA

Picture of Larwan Berke

Larwan Berke, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Local Arrangements Chair

Picture of Ian Pitt

Ian Pitt, University College, Cork, Ireland

Steering Committee

Shari Trewin

IBM Research, USA

Matt Huenerfauth

Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Jinjuan Heidi Feng

Towson University, USA

Yeliz Yesilada

Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus

Amy Hurst

University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA